Past expeditions

“The next day is never so good as the day before.”

– Publilius Syrus

First Century BC, Roman Writer & Poet

Growing Up To Be A Child –
Waldorf School in Colombia


A “Project Suitcase” Experience… Extraordinaire
Upon departing Pasadena California on another “Project Suitcase” mission…


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Photographic Expedition of Waterfalls


Leaps freely from the cliffs, sways and sings in the wind, clad in gauzy, sun-sifted spray, half falling, half floating, kissing and splashing…


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Mammoths In Madera


Fossil Discoveries
Saber-toothed Cats, Short Faced Bears, and Giant Ground Sloths all dating back over 740,000 years are just a few of the fossils discovered…


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Children’s Hospital of Central California


The giggles and grins were contagious. Kids running from plane to plane, feet pounding the airstrip, nudging each other in disbelief…


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Sharing The Love of Valentines


Calistoga, CA – Twenty aviators flew in from as far as Texas to deliver suitcases filled with new children’s clothing for Valentine’s Day…


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Gecko Species Discovered


The little guy was just a bit of black bug when Miles Paul saw it scurry across the floor. Or so he assumed. A blister beetle, he thought…


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Desert Embrace


The “sossus” in Sossusvlei in Afrikaans means “the place of no return.” The “vlei” in Sossusvlei translates as “marsh”…


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The Underwater Secrets of Los Islotes


The rock formations in the distance seem to sparkle with gold. You rub your eyes and take a closer look across the surface of what are actually…


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Four Corners of the Great South West


“There is something infectious about the Southwest,” wrote native son H. M. Wormington. “The incredible sweep of the desert, of great golden…”


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