Special Contributions

“If the money we donate helps just one child or can ease the pain of just one animal, those funds are well spent.”

– Carl Karcher

Donate your Estate or IRA to the International Exploration Society

You can make a bequest in your will or trust to give a portion of your estate to the International Exploration Society to support our programs and initiatives continuing in your name long after you are gone.

We can accept donations of your estate, home, rental property, commercial property, boats & yachts, airplanes, land, etc.

You can also opt to give a regular amount every month from your IRA, Investments or your estate. You can name the International Exploration Society as a beneficiary in your Life Insurance Policy. The balance of your IRA can also be donated to the International Exploration Society. All of which will be greatly appreciated and go to valuable use.

Process. We can help you set up this type of donation method, and work with your tax advisor to help insure you receive the full tax benefits. The International Exploration Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, making all cash and non-cash donations fully tax deductible.

Next. Please contact us to set up this donation. We are extremely grateful for your contributions to our initiatives.

Donate your Aircraft or other vehicles to the International Exploration Society

You may donate your aircraft to the International Exploration Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and fully deduct its entire value as provide for in Section 170 of the IRS Code.

We will make very good use of your aircraft. We may use your aircraft in our explorations and Project Suitcase missions, used by our explorers, researchers, speakers and other experts and philanthropists, while others are sold with 100% of the proceeds going directly into our initiatives as stated in our charter (philanthropic and educational activities).

Process. When you donate your aircraft, we provide you with two important documents:

  1. Official Donor Receipt, which lists what has been donated, without any stated value. This documented shows the IRS that you have donated to an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization.
  2. Form 8283, which you file with your taxes to report the value of your donation. As the charity receiving the donation, we must remain at arms length from the value or appraisal, so you are responsible for determining the value of the deduction.

Next. Please contact us to make your donation. We are extremely grateful for your contributions to our initiatives.