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Past Expeditions

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Exploring The World


The International Exploration Society conducts unforgettable expeditions, exploring and discovering the world using private airplanes.

Put simply, it is an experience.  And that’s our mission!  Right now we cannot take you to the moon, but our vision is the same; it is about being on top of the w



And we invite you to be a connoisseur of that experience.  We are designers of luxury expeditions that make a difference in every sense of the word.  From the aerial exploration of uncharted territories of natural and made-made wonders, to the moment our feet touch the earth, it is a journey. 

Through our uniquely innovative Project Suitcase, we offer each of our discerning participants the opportunity to go the extra mile.  Exclusive to each and every one of our expeditions is a philanthropic initiative, through which we endeavor to give back to the communities that touch us.


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“Exploring is really the essence of the human spirit.” 

                           – Apollo 8 Commander Frank Borman